Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Doctors referral to see an Osteopath?

No, you do not need a doctors referral to see an Osteopath but if you do have one please bring it in to your consultation. Also If you have had any x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans or MRI’s done that relate to your case please bring these and/or their reports into your consultation.

Can I claim my osteopathic treatment on my private health insurance?

If you have the correct ancillary cover on your private health insurance, part, if not all of the cost of the treatment will be covered. The amount of coverage will depend on your insurance company and on your level of cover.  The claim is done on site via HICAPS so if you do have coverage, the claim will be put through straight away and you will only have to pay the gap.

What should I expect on my first consultation?

On your first consultation the Osteopaths will take a comprehensive case history that covers both your past medical history as well as the specific problem that has brought you into the clinic. A thorough physical exam will then be performed to form a working diagnosis for your condition.  From there a treatment will be performed.  This treatment will be tailored to you and the techniques that the Osteopath will select are techniques that the Osteopath will make sure you are comfortable with.

During your consultation you may be given exercises and/or stretches to aid in your recovery and may be given advice on postural improvement or changes to workplace ergonomics.

What clothing should I wear to a consultation?

At any consultation, loose comfortable clothing should be worn. To perform the treatment appropriately the Osteopath may ask you to disrobe somewhat, hence, it is often best to wear a singlet and loose pants as all treatments can be completed with these types of clothes on.

How many consultations will I need?

The amount of consultations needed, will depend on your injury. Some patients will only require one or two treatments while others with more significant or multiple injuries may need more.  Patients with permanent injuries may need constant maintenance care that may involve more regular treatment.

Our Osteopaths will always aim to try and find the cause of your injury and once that is found our Osteopaths will be able to advise you on how to change those factors and therefore reduce pain in the long term. This may be achieved by giving advice on postural improvement, work related ergonomics, better lifting techniques, exercise and strengthening programs for both rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. Our Osteopaths can also work in conjunction with other modalities to help give you the best care possible.


Will there be an additional referrals or treatments outside of osteopathy?

Your consulting Osteopath will decide, based on your presenting complaint and assessment, whether you may need to have extra investigations or treatment performed. This may include referral to providers of other services such as to a GP or a referral for an x-ray. In the end, our aim is to return you to better health, and these referrals and suggestions will only be made if necessary. In most cases, treatment can continue successfully without the need for further referral.

Is there anything I can after my treatment to aid in my recovery?

After a treatment, it is normal to be a bit sore and achy for 1-2 days. In most cases the pain feels similar to post-exercise soreness. To minimise this soreness, we recommend that you increase your water intake in the 24 hours post-treatment to rehydrate the body. You should also keep exercise to a minimum for the 24 hours following treatment, rest appropriately and use ice or heat as directed by your consulting Osteopath. During your consultation, the Osteopath may also recommend exercises and stretches to aid in your recovery, as well as advice on postural improvement or changes to workplace ergonomics.

If you have any further questions at the end of your consultation you can always ask your Osteopath, who will be happy to address them.